How Personality Tests Create Better Communication For Teams At Work

Miscommunications at work are unfortunately common. We’ve all been there. You’re instructed to complete a project with Pam, Judy, and Tom, and while all of you have the same goal, you have very different personalities. Why does this matter? Because in order to accomplish your common goal you have to understand each other, and in order to understand each other you have to not only be aware of the varying personalities within your group, but of your own personality as well. When you take a personality test you learn about the facets of who you are and how you communicate, and when you share these personality traits with others, especially your coworkers, you empower the entire team to communicate with you better. Understand the characteristics of your personality and allow your teammates to do the same to foster better communication at work and be a part of a well-functioning team. Continue reading How Personality Tests Create Better Communication For Teams At Work

The NocNocK™ App

Naturally Observable Characteristics

Team-Building and Communicating with Different Styles

By learning how to adapt to and connect with others, you will create stronger and more effective relationships. When you understand someone, you can more easily flex your characteristics to match their characteristics. In formal “trait theory,” the belief is that people are best understood in terms of a small number of stable personality characteristics. These characteristics have been written about over the years, and we have endeavored to embrace the assessment research that has come before us. The factor analysis model that we use to support the Naturally Observable Characteristics (NOC) tool adds new distinctions and value to these characteristics. Our system is consistent with many of the instruments currently in the marketplace with which people are already familiar.


NocNocK is a tool without usage restrictions. We put the power of personality trait characteristics in the palm of your hand. We removed all resistance to using and generating the full value from the tool. Everyone who has ever attended a seminar on personality traits asks the same question “how can I profile my wife, partner, boss, friend, husband, daughter, son, father or mother?” Most tools restrict their use and, therefore, restrict their value. We don’t. We are free. The first question people ask is “how are you going to make money?” Our response is simple; we will make money if you find value in the tool through our certification and training packages. We have more value to add to this tool, but the primary, adaptive, profile comparison and team reports are free. We built this tool to create positive relationships, and we want to grow our business relationships with our train the trainer certification and participant packages.

We made the NocNocK tool to be as transparent as possible. We explain the reason behind why we bring forth certain types of paragraphs. We feel the more you understand about how we have created the tool the mystery behind its accuracy disappears. You learn more and understand more.

Know Your Children

Sometimes we are so busy taking care of our children that we don’t stop and think about how we can get to know them better. As parents, we fall into the trap of communicating in the same way with each of our children, thinking that they are alike. NocNocK will help you to understand your child more deeply. What can you do to get to know your child on a much deeper level? Take a little more time to get to know them better—get to know their strengths, their fears, and how to inspire them. Many tools and books on the four basic personality characteristics are available. The four characterological types and some of their commonly recognized traits include the following: Continue reading Know Your Children