How Personality Tests Create Better Communication For Teams At Work

Miscommunications at work are unfortunately common. We’ve all been there. You’re instructed to complete a project with Pam, Judy, and Tom, and while all of you have the same goal, you have very different personalities. Why does this matter? Because in order to accomplish your common goal you have to understand each other, and in order to understand each other you have to not only be aware of the varying personalities within your group, but of your own personality as well. When you take a personality test you learn about the facets of who you are and how you communicate, and when you share these personality traits with others, especially your coworkers, you empower the entire team to communicate with you better. Understand the characteristics of your personality and allow your teammates to do the same to foster better communication at work and be a part of a well-functioning team.

The basics of personality testing

Personality tests are designed to inform you about who you are and the individual traits that make up your personality. When you understand these traits, you can better understand aspects about yourself that have a lot to do with the way you work, including how you respond to and communicate information. Self-awareness is beneficial, but understanding traits about your co-workers is helpful too. When you understand the differences between your personality traits from those of the people in your team, you open up a world of communication that allows your team to work together efficeintly.

NocNock’s personality test distinguishes four Naturally Observable Characteristics (NOC):

  • Directive
  • Expressive
  • Considerate
  • Systematic

NocNock’s easy process step by step

  1. Download the app: The app, which is easily downloadable to iOS and Droid, gives you a quick list of adjectives that you rank from 1 to 4, 1 stands for most like you and 4 stands for least like you.
  2. Your primary profile: Once you’re done answering the questions from the perspective of who you think you really are, the app generates your primary profile. Your profile tells you which characteristics influence your personality the most, least, and in between. The app creates a summarized overview of your personality that’s easy for you to understand.
  3. Make connections: The best part? You can share this information with anyone and everyone. NocNock allows you to make infinite connections with anyone you’d like through Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or email address, which means your coworkers can learn all about the characteristics of your personality and you can do the same for them in return. The more connections you make, the more communication you strengthen amongst coworkers.

How personality tests foster communication and teamwork

Businesses run because of the individuals who work within them. Whether these businesses run successfully, depends on how those individuals work together to accomplish a common goal. It’s called teamwork. How does teamwork happen? Communication, and while it sounds simple, many companies struggle with it. Good communication begins with understanding. When employees fail to understand one another they fail to communicate effectively.

There are a multitude of personalities within one workplace, and not one employee is exactly the same as any other, but it is their ability to understand these various personality characteristics, specifically their Naturally Observable Characteristics, that will be the guide to a successfully running team. When employees understand each other’s personality differences and similarities, it allows them to communicate successfully. NocNock empowers workers with the knowledge of how to communicate with their team in the way that is best fit for their unique personality. It’s all displayed in their profile that is easily accessible to all of their connections.

Pam, Judy, and Tom all have different personalities, but their varying characteristics should not be the cause of miscommunication. NocNock makes miscommunications at work a problem of the past so that you, Pam, Judy, and Tom can accomplish your goals together no matter how different your personalities are. Use personality testing and empower your team to understand one another and communicate effectively.