NocNocK is a tool without usage restrictions. We put the power of personality trait characteristics in the palm of your hand. We removed all resistance to using and generating the full value from the tool. Everyone who has ever attended a seminar on personality traits asks the same question “how can I profile my wife, partner, boss, friend, husband, daughter, son, father or mother?” Most tools restrict their use and, therefore, restrict their value. We don’t. We are free. The first question people ask is “how are you going to make money?” Our response is simple; we will make money if you find value in the tool through our certification and training packages. We have more value to add to this tool, but the primary, adaptive, profile comparison and team reports are free. We built this tool to create positive relationships, and we want to grow our business relationships with our train the trainer certification and participant packages.

We made the NocNocK tool to be as transparent as possible. We explain the reason behind why we bring forth certain types of paragraphs. We feel the more you understand about how we have created the tool the mystery behind its accuracy disappears. You learn more and understand more.