NocNocK Personality Profiler


This tool allows you to compare your profile to those of each member of your team, friends, and family.  It then produces a detailed plan that outlines strategies and tactics that will promote successful  communication and relationships and increase productivity. In the Connections section of the tool, you can invite others to be a part of your community where you are sharing your information, and you are receiving their information.  The tool provides an in-depth communication plan for users who share their profile information with each other.

We encourage you to use this tool with your family. NocNocK™ can provide a deep understanding of the naturally observable characteristics that are demonstrated between family members.  All anyone needs is an Android or iOS enabled phone to use this tool.

We measure four Naturally Observable Characteristics: Directive, Expressive, Considerate, and Systematic. These characteristics reveal how an individual will perform, communicate and influence others.  The tool and associated reports will help you understand yourself and understand others.  This tool helps you find the right way to communicate with the most important people in your life and will help you avoid potential communication challenges.

The first time you complete the NocNocK™ survey you are provided a report which is your Primary Profile, or the “how you feel you really are” assessment.  We also allow you to take the survey again and again using the Adapted Profile feature. This Adapted Profile assessment is one in which you are thinking of how you are adapting to different environments to discover how you flex your traits to adapt to different situations.

Yes. This tool was created from statistical research from academic, corporate and psychological communities. We built the tool using the American Psychological Associates Standard for Educational and Psychological Testing (2014). We are accurate in measuring our Directive, Expressive, Considerate and Systematic characterological traits. These particular characterological traits were selected for inclusion because of their importance in the understanding and prediction of communication and behavior in the workplace and we yield similar measurements over time. The construct validity and reliability validity establish this tool as highly predictive.  The tool has been built so the tool can be updated to reflect additional accuracy as we collect more data. The validity measures are covered and reviewed in the Certification Training.

We built this tool looking at the best ideas from DiSC® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and visually representing characterological information. We have been involved in the building psychometric tools for over 25 years and NocNocK™ is the culmination of those best practices. We designed this for maximum utility of the information only keeping and using those concepts that were most useful.  We also designed it so the adjectives and visuals describing our traits would be positively received by our users. We also designed it for sharing and building relationships without introducing a completely new metaphor.  People familiar with DiSC® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® should feel right at home with NocNocK™.